ReadOUT 2021 Festival

 ReadOut 2021

The fourth annual ReadOut was held virtually on February 26-February 28, 2021 over Zoom. The event had over 900 people register and featured over 80 authors of literature written by, for, and/or about lesbians. Joining the authors were musicians and performers who kept attendees entertained between sessions. 

Archived here is information about the Pods, Pearls, and Playtime sessions, as well as videos of the Pearls, the festival schedule, and list of sponsors.

ReadOut 2021 Revisited: Pearls


Over 50 authors read excerpts from their writing in pre-recorded segments that ranged from politics, poetry, memory, fantasy, romance, to mystery. For more information about the Pearls, visit the 2021 Pearls page.


Well-known lesbian authors including Sally Bellerose, Cheryl A. Head, Elana Dykewomon, Sheree Greer, Sue Katz, Tenea D. Johnson, Rose Norman, J.M. Redmann, Liz Edman, Carolyn Gage, and Susan Stinson were joined with other authors during 90-minute live-streamed Pods (aka panels) on themes such as elder lesbian writings, Black women writers, mystery, fiction, and the intersection of friendship and careers as lesbian authors. For more information about the Pods, visit the 2021 Pods page.


Readout 2021 featured performances from an array of artists from different genres, including music, comedy, performance art, and theater. For more information about the Playtime events, visit the the 2021 Playtime page


The ReadOut 2021 schedule of events is available as a PDF for download.

Lesbian Speculative Fiction Guide

Tenea D. Johnson’s talk on lesbian speculative fiction contained numerous recommendations of authors and readings in the genre. That list can be found here.


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